Robert Fayrfax sang for Kings Henry VII and VIII, and more of his music survives than any of his English contemporaries. We'll hear one of his Masses sung by the Cardinall's Musick, plus some secular songs performed by Ensemble Pro Victoria.

  • Robert Fayrfax- Salve Regina - Ensemble Pro Victoria
  • Robert Fayrfax- Sumwhat musyng- Ensemble Pro Victoria
  • Robert Fayrfax - Benedicite! What dremyd I- Ensemble Pro Victoria
  • Robert Fayrfax - I love, loved, and loved wolde I be- Ensemble Pro Victoria
  • Robert Fayrfax- That was my woo- Ensemble Pro Victoria
  • Robert Fayrfax- Mese tenor- The Frideswide Consort
  • Robert Fayrfax- O lux beata trinitas- The Frideswide Consort
  • Robert Fayrfax- Paramese tenor- The Frideswide Consort
  • Robert Fayrfax- Missa O quam glorifica (selections)- The Cardinall’s Musick
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