Albrecht duerer innsbruck

Albrecht Dürer- View of Innsbruck [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

As much as we try not to show favoritism, even radio hosts have preferences! This week's program features some of my favorite early music, with works by Isaac, Frescobaldi, Senfl and Hassler!

  • Hans-Leo Hassler: Intrada. Performed by Currende. Loyset Compere: Ave Maria. Performed by the Orlando Consort.
  • Antonio Caprioli: Sotto un verde e alto cipresso. Performed by Marco Beasley, tenor, Bruce Dickey, cornetto, and Accordone.
  • Girolamo Frescobaldi: Recercar con obligo di cantare. Performed by Canticum and Lorenzo Ghielmi, organ. 
  • Claudio Veggio: Recercada per B mol. Performed by Andrea Marcon at the historic organ in Valvasone, Italy. From 'Masters of the Italian Renaissance'. 
  • Improvisation 'Fa una canzona', featuring Capella de la Torre. Heinrich Isaac: Fortuna Desperata (Hesperion XXI) & Virgo Prudentissima (The Tallis Scholars). 
  • Ludwig Senfl: Allein dein Huld, Pavana 'La Monina' (anon.). Performed by Forum Alte Musik Augsburg. Mein Fleiss und Mueh & Felices quicumque deo confidere. Performed by Tore Tom Denys, tenor, and La Caccia. 
  • Closing music: Dieterich Buxtehude: Praeludium in A, BuxWV 151. Performed by Ton Koopman. From 'Organ Works, Vol. V'
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