An eclectic mix of medieval music awaits you on today's show, including examples of the technique known as hocketing (hoquetus) performed by Theatre of Voices, selections from the Puy Manuscript sung by Ensemble Gilles Binchois, and some instrumental pieces featuring The Folger Consort from their CD 'A Medieval Tapestry'.

  • Anon. - Communio: Domine quinque talenta tradidisti michi- Ensemble Organum 
  • Guillaume de Machaut- Hoquetus David- The Early Music Consort of London
  • Anon. - Musicalis Scientia/Sciencie laudabili- Theatre of Voices
  • Anon. - Ave miles celestis- Theatre of Voices
  • Anon. - Beata viscera- Theatre of Voices
  • Anon. - Thomas gemma Cantuarie- Theatre of Voices
  • Anon. - Epiphaniam domino canamus- 
  • Raimbaut de Vaqueras- Kalenda Maia- The Folger Consort
  • Guillaume le Vinier- Espris d’ire et d’amour- The Folger Consort
  • Anon. - Annus novus in gaudio- Ensemble Gilles Binchois
  • Anon. - Psallat vox ecclesie- Ensemble Gilles Binchois
  • Anon. - In saeculum viellatoris- Les Haulz et les Bas
  • Anon. - Res Tassini- Norbert Rodenkirchen, flute
  • Jehan de Lescurel- Set of Pieces- The Folger Consort
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