Grab some candy and dim the lights, because there's some scary stuff coming your way this week! We'll hear music about witches, devils, and mad lovers! Our performers include the Palladian Ensemble, Emma Kirkby, and the Newberry Consort.

  • Beheim/Wolkenstein- Story of a Bloodthirsty Madman known as Dracula- Cancioner; Tim Rayborn, vocals
  • Anon.- Dragaicuta- Cancioner 
  • Anon. - Ugrcinska Ruchenitsa- Cancioner 
  • Giuseppe Tartini - Violin Sonata in G minor, ‘Devil’s Trill’- Palladians; Rodolfo Richter, violin
  • Cara/Tromboncino - La Favola di Orfeo (selections)- The Huelgas Ensemble
  • Henry Purcell- Dido & Aeneas (selections)- Les Arts Florissants
  • John Eccles - The Mad Lover Suite-Ground- Theotime Langlois de Swarte, violin; Thomas Dunford, lute
  • Henry Purcell- Bess of Bedlam- Emma Kirkby, soprano
  • Anon. - The Devil’s Dream- The Newberry Consort
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