The vivid instrumental colors on today's show mirror the gorgeous illuminations found in Medieval and Renaissance manuscripts. We'll hear Sephardic music for winds, strings, and percussion performed by Hesperion XXI, plus virtuosic works for the cornetto from Spain and Italy played by Jeremy West.

  • John Dowland- The King of Denmark, his Galliard- Thomas Dunford, lute
  • John Dowland- Mellancoly Galliard- Thomas Dunford, lute
  • William Cranford- Fantasia No. 5- LeStrange Viols
  • Anon. - En la santa Helena- Hesperion XXI
  • Anon. - Hermoza muchachica- Hesperion XXI
  • Anon. - Constantia- Andrew Lawrence- King, harp
  • Francisco Correa de Arauxo- Tiento de medio registro de baxon- Bernard Foccroulle, organ
  • Jacob Obrecht- J’ay pris amours- Brisk Recorder Quartet
  • Giovanni Bassano- Susanna un jour- after Lassus- Jeremy West, cornetto
  • Giovanni Battista Fontana- Sonata Sesta- Jeremy West, cornetto
  • Tarquinio Merula- Sonata Prima- Jeremy West, cornetto
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