Troubadours berlin

By Wikielwikingo Anonymous. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Today's program features medieval songs, dances, and carols from Germany, France, England and Italy!

  • From 'Das Buxheimer Orgelbuch, Vol 2', featuring organist Joseph Payne: Tout a par moy (Walter Frye), Franc cuer gentil (Guillaume Dufay), Adieu mes tres belles (Gilles Binchois). Naxos 553467.
  • From 'Bestiarium', featuring La Reverdie: Ich was ein chint so wolgetan (from Carmina Burana), Na coire ar na sleibhtibh (Irish double jig), Chosi pensoso (Landini), Aquila altera (Anon., Codex Faenza). Cantus 9601.
  • From 'Danza: dances medievales' featuring Millenarium: Danse angloise, Saltarello VIII, Estampita sirena, Saltarello 'petits riense'. Ricercar 274.
  • From 'Early French Polyphony: 11th century organa and tropes' featuring Ensemble Gilles Binchois: Anthem: ibo michi, Organum: Respons Petre, amas me?, Organum Alleluia V, video celos apertos.
  • From 'Kingdom of Heaven' featuring Ensemble Dragma, with music by Heinrich Laufenberg: Alliud benedicte, Ich fare do hyn wen eß muß syn, Seit ich dich, hercz lib, leiden muß, Ach Döhterlin, min sel gemeit, Der Winter wil hin weichen.
  • From 'Medieval Carols' performed by the Oxford Camerata: Hail Mary, full of grace and Now may we singen. Naxos 550751.
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