This week we're getting to know a mysterious figure from the middle of the 15th century named Johannes Tourout. He was born in Flanders, and eventually made his way to Austria around the year 1460 to serve in the court chapel of Emperor Friedrich III. We'll hear music which has been attributed to Tourout, from a recent release by Cappella Mariana.

  • Johannes Tourout- O generosa nata David- Cappella Mariana
  • Johannes Tourout- O gloriosa regina mundi- Cappella Mariana
  • Johannes Tourout- Mais que ce fut secretement- Cappella Mariana
  • Johannes Brassart- Regina Coeli- Capilla Flamenca
  • Johannes Tourout- Magnificat- Cappella Mariana
  • Johannes Tourout- Mon oeil lamente- Cappella Mariana
  • Johannes Tourout- Missa Mon oeil (selections)- Cappella Mariana
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