Today's edition of Ancient Voices takes us on a musical journey to Bologna. We'll hear music composed for and performed at the basilica of San Petronio, plus works from manuscripts housed in Bologna's music library! Our performers include organist Liuwe Tamminga, Daedalus, Capilla Flamenca, and violinist Fabrizio Longo. 

  • Giovanni Gabrieli‚Äč 

Motetto Jubilate Deo a 8 & Canzon XXVII Fa sol la re a 8. Performed by organist Liuwe Tamminga at the Lorenzo da Prato organ (1475) located in San Petronio, Bologna, with cornettists Bruce Dickey and Doron Sherwin. From 'Giovanni Gabrieli Canzoni'.

  • Maurizio Cazzati

Ballo della Ombre. Performed by Daedalus.

  • Music from 'Odhecaton' (1501): 

Heinrich Isaac: Et qui la dira dira and Josquin: Adieu mes amours. Performed by Capilla Flamenca. Antoine Brumel: Mater patris. Performed by Odhecaton.

  • Angelo Berardi

Canzone Sesta Capriccio per Camera M.S. Performed by Fabrizio Longo, baroque violin and Anna Clemente, harpsichord. Tactus 630201

  • Nicolas Gombert:

Selections from Missa Sur tous regretz. Performed by Odhecaton. From 'A la incoronation'

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