The highlight of this week's show is a recent release from the UK-based ensemble Fount & Origin, directed by James Tomlinson. The program was inspired by Rogier van der Weyden's altarpiece image of the Last Judgment, and includes music by Ockeghem, Regis, Brumel, and others.

Click here to view The Last Judgment by van der Weyden.

  • Johannes Ockeghem- Requiem: Domine Jesu Christe- Fount & Origin
  • Anon. Exultet celum laudibus- Fount & Origin
  • Anon.- Clare sanctorum senatus- Fount & Origin
  • Johannes Regis- Missa L’homme arme: Kyrie- Fount & Origin
  • Anon. - Ut queant laxis- Fount & Origin
  • Johannes Martini - Magnificat- Fount & Origin
  • Anon. - Urbs beata Jerusalem- Fount & Origin
  • Anon. - Venite benedicti patris- Fount & Origin
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