We're sampling some more recent releases this week, including tracks from Lux Aeterna, the sixth album from the Gesualdo Six. We'll also hear violin sonatas by Marco Uccellini featuring Conor Gricmanis, who plays what is believed to be the oldest fully playable violin in the world, an Amati from 1572.

  • Joan Ambrosio Dalza- Saltarello, piva & pavana ala ferrarese- Hopkinson Smith, lute 
  • Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck- Poolse Almande (Soll es sein)- Peter Waldner, harpsichord
  • Marco Uccellini - Sonata Op 4 No 1 in A Major- Conor Gricmanis, violin; Noxwode
  • Cristobal de Morales- Parce mihi Domine- The Gesualdo Six
  • Thomas Tallis- In ieiunio et fletu- The Gesualdo Six
  • William Byrd- Peccantem me quotidie- The Gesualdo Six
  • Henry Purcell- Thou knowest, Lord- The Gesualdo Six
  • Marco Uccellini- Sonata Op 5 No.1 in D major- Conor Gricmanis, violin; Noxwode
  • Marco Uccellini- Aria sopra La Bergamasca- Conor Gricmanis, violin; Noxwode
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