This week's show presents music from Renaissance Coimbra, performed by A Capella Portvgvesa. We'll also get to know Vicente Lusitano, one of the few 16th century composers of color whose name is known to us. We'll hear motets by Lusitano from a recent release by the Marian Consort.

  • Pedro de Cristo - Sanctorum meritis- A Capella Portvgvesa
  • Heliodoro de Paiva- Alleluia- A Capella Portvgvesa
  • Aires Fernandez - Benedicamus Domino- A Capella Portvgvesa
  • Vicente Lusitano- Praeter rerum seriem- The Marian Consort
  • Vicente Lusitano- Heu me, Domine- The Marian Consort
  • Vicente Lusitano- Salve Regina- The Marian Consort
  • Pedro de Cristo - Alma redemptoris Mater- Cupertinos 
  • Pedro de Cristo - Missa Salve Regina- Cupertinos
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