Guillaume Dufay returned to his hometown of Cambrai at the end of his life, and while there he composed his final masterpiece: Missa Ave Regina Celorum. We'll hear a recent release of this work featuring Diabolus in Musica. Also included is a gorgeous motet by Loyset Compère which names a number of celebrated singers and composers linked to Cambrai, including Dufay and his friend, Johannes Ockeghem.

  • Guillaume Dufay- Fulgens iubar Ecclesie- Cantica Symphonia
  • Guillaume Dufay- Moribus et genere- Cantica Symphonia
  • Loyset Compere- Omnium bonorum plena- The Binchois Consort
  • Guillaume Dufay- Missa Ave Regina Celorum-Kyrie & Gloria- Diabolus in Musica
  • Guillaume Dufay- Ave regina Celorum- The Binchois Consort
  • Guillaume Dufay- Se la face ay pale- The Binchois Consort
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