This week we're delving into two recent releases of music by composers who worked for the Austrian court at Innsbruck. Singer Pur performs motets and songs by Ludwig Senfl, who was court composer to Emperor Maximilian I. We'll also hear motets by Georg Piscator, who served as court organist to Archduke Leopold V of Austria-Tyrol, performed by Ensemble Quadriga Musica.

  • Severin Schwaighofer- Toccata- Peter Waldner, organ     
  • Anon. - Capriccio- Peter Waldner, organ
  • Georg Piscator- Veni sponsa Christi Ensemble Quadriga Musica       
  • Georg Piscator- Pulchra es, amica mea- Ensemble Quadriga Musica      
  • Georg Piscator- Salve mater Christi- Ensemble Quadriga Musica       
  • Georg Piscator- Magnificat primi toni- Ensemble Quadriga Musica; Marian Polin, organ     
  • Heinrich Isaac (attrib.)- Judaea et Jerusalem- Cinquecento        
  • Ludwig Senfl- Sic Deus dilexit mundum- Singer Pur          
  • Ludwig Senfl- Das Gläut zu Speyer- Singer Pur        
  • Ludwig Senfl -Das lang- Ensemble Leones
  • Ludwig Senfl- Non usitata- Singer Pur 
  • Ludwig Senfl- Ave Rosa sine spinis- Singer Pur       
  • Ludwig Senfl- Sancta Maria Virgo- Singer Pur       
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