This week we're hearing from several composers who were driven to leave their homelands due to war or personal circumstances. Music by Antonia Bembo, John Bull, Evaristo dall'Abaco, and Johann Rosenmüller is included.

  • Antonia Bembo- Psalm 142- La Donna Musicale
  • Johann Rosenmüller- Christum ducem, qui per crucem- Robin Blaze, countertenor; The Parley of Instruments         
  • Johann Rosenmüller- Sonata No. 6 in A minor- ACRONYM        
  • John Bull- Les Buffons- Peter Waldner, harpsichord
  • Costanzo Festa- Super flumina Babylonis- The Huelgas Ensemble      
  • Johann Rosenmüller- Sonata No. 8 in E minor ACRONYM       
  • Evaristo Dall’Abaco- Sonata No. 1 in D minor- Concerto Köln     
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