This week we'll sample a recent release of music by Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre, performed by Ensemble Amarillis, and hear selections from a rarely-heard masque by Henry Purcell featuring Les Argonautes. We'll also hear Peter Waldner playing an original harpsichord built by Ioannes Couchet in 1646, from a CD called Musical Storytelling.

  • Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre- Semele (French Cantata)- Mailys de Villoutreys, soprano; Ensemble Amaryllis      
  • Nicolas Lebegue- Chaconne in F major- Peter Waldner, harpsichord      
  • Jean-Henry d’Anglebert- Tombeau de Monsieur de Chambonnieres- Peter Waldner, harpsichord        
  • Henry Purcell- Circe- Les Argonautes
  • Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre- Suite in G Major- Ensemble Amaryllis       
  • Nicolas Lebegue- Petitte Chaconne en sol majeur- Peter Waldner, harpsichord 
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