This week we're getting to know a musician named Dietrich Becker who was active in Hamburg in the middle of the 17th century. We'll hear some of his sacred concertos and sonatas performed by Hamburger Ratsmusik, plus music by contemporaries like Johann Schop and Matthias Weckmann.

  • Franz Tunder- An Wasserflüssen Babylon- Dorothee Mields, soprano; Concerto Melante      
  • Dietrich Becker- Schaff in mir Gott- Mirko Ludwig, tenor; Hamburger Ratsmusik     
  • Johann Schop- Paduana & Galliard- Hamburger Ratsmusik        
  • Matthias Weckmann- Toccata in e minor- Jan Katzschke         
  • Matthias Weckmann- Sonata VIII- Caecilia-Concert
  • Dietrich Becker- Selig sind die Toten- Hamburger Ratsmusik       
  • Dietrich Becker- Sonata in A minor- Hamburger Ratsmusik       
  • Dietrich Becker- Wer unter dem Schirm- Hamburger Ratsmusik      
  • Matthias Weckmann- Sonata V- Caecilia-Concert
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