The 2022 release from Gothic Voices called The Splendour of Florence has been compared to a fine French tapestry. The award-winning English group specializing in medieval and Renaissance music takes listeners to 15th century Tuscany in the company of composers like Dufay, Compère, and Ockeghem. They're joined on the recording by harpist Andrew Lawrence-King.

  • Guillaume Dufay- Supremum est mortalibus bonum- Stimmwerck            
  • Guillaume Dufay- Mirandas parit haec urbs- Gothic Voices; Andrew Lawrence-King, harp     
  • Firminus Caron- Rose playsante odorant- Julian Podger;  Andrew Lawrence King, harp     
  • Loyset Compere- Dictes moy toutes voz pensees- Gothic Voices; Andrew Lawrence-King, harp      
  • Guillaume Dufay- Lament of the Fall of Constantinople- Gothic Voices          
  • Guillaume Dufay- Du tout m’estoie abandonne- Andrew Lawrence-King, harp           
  • Johannes Ockeghem- Aultre Venus estes sans faille- Catherine King; Andrew Lawrence-King, harp     
  • Guillaume Dufay- De ma haulte et bonne aventure- Steven Harrold; Andrew Lawrence-King, harp       
  • Alexander Agricola-  J’ars de desir- Gothic Voices 
  • Johannes Tinctoris- Virgo Dei throno digna- Gothic Voices         
  • Antoine Busnois- Terribile fortuna- Andrew Lawrence-King, harp        
  • Guillaume Dufay- Nuper Rosarum Flores- Gothic Voices         
  • Guillaume Dufay-  L’alta bellezza- Alta Bellezza Dufay
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