The Orlando Consort is disbanding this month after 35 years of sublime musicianship. This week's show celebrates their legacy with selections from their many recordings, including music by Loyset Compère, Guillaume de Machaut, John Dunstaple, and more.

  • Anon. - Et valde mane una sabbatorum- The Orlando Consort      
  • Guillaume Dufay- Adieu ces bon vins de Lannoys- The Orlando Consort     
  • Anon.- La Tricotea- The Orlando Consort
  • Juan del Encina- Oy comamos y bebamos- The Orlando Consort      
  • Antoine Busnois- Ja que li ne s’I attende- The Orlando Consort        
  • Antoine Busnois- Gaude caelestis Domina- The Orlando Consort       
  • John Dunstaple- Salve scema- The Orlando Consort
  • Anon.- Dindiridin- The Orlando Consort
  • Gabriel Mena- Aquella mora garrida- The Orlando Consort         
  • Francisco Guerrero- Quasi cedrus- The Orlando Consort        
  • Guillaume de Machaut-  Tu qui gregem- The Orlando Consort      
  • Guillaume de Machaut- Tant doucement- The Orlando Consort        
  • Loyset Compère- Omnium bonorum plena- The Orlando Consort
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