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According to the 16th century theorist Heinrich Glarean, the music of Jacob Obrecht has "a certain wonderful majesty" about it. Obrecht's Missa Maria Zart is an exemplar of this quality, and this recent release from Cappella Pratensis reveals the full glory of this masterpiece to modern listeners.
Check out this series of short videos from Cappella Pratensis with lots of fascinating insider info, including the creation of the new performing edition, special challenges for the singers, and the mysteries surrounding the piece!

  • Anon. - Maria zart- Cappella Pratensis
  • Pfabinschswantz- Maria sart- Cappella Pratensis
  • Jacob Obrecht- Missa Maria Zart: Kyrie & Credo- Cappella Pratensis
  • Ludwig Senfl- Maria, du bist genaden voll/Maria Zart- Cappella Pratensis 
  • Jacob Obrecht- Missa Maria Zart: Sanctus&Agnus Dei- Cappella Pratensis
  • Arnolt Schlick- Maria Zart- Brett Leighton & Doron Sherwin  


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