This week's show celebrates the Feast of the Assumption with music written in honor of the Virgin Mary, including Compère's Ave Maria and Ockeghem's Alma Redemptoris Mater. We'll also hear selections from a recent release called Gratia Plena (To Memling) featuring Psallentes and The Royal Wind Music.
Here's a link to more information about Hans Memling's Annunciation

  • Anon.    Salve mater Salvatoris    Psallentes    Gratia Plena-To Memling
  • Cabezon&des Prez    Benedicta es    The Royal Wind Music    Gratia Plena-To Memling
  • Peter Abelard    Epithalamica    Psallentes    Gratia Plena-To Memling
  • Anon.    Virginem mire pulchritudinis    The Royal Wind Music    Gratia Plena-To Memling
  • Perotin    Beata Viscera    David James, countertenor    Perotin
  • Johannes Ockeghem    Alma redemptoris Mater    Gothic Voices    The Splendour of Florence
  • Johannes Prioris    Royne du Ciel    Capilla Flamenca    Johannes Prioris
  • Loyset Compère    Ave Maria    Orlando Consort    Loyset Compère
  • Anon.    Mater patris et filia    Anonymous 4    La Bele Marie
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