The music of the eccentric composer Antonio Zacara da Teramo (1355-1416) has been compared to the paintings of Hieronymus Bosch due to his surreal, grotesque, and humorous texts. We'll hear La Fonte Musica with world-premiere performances of his music, plus pieces by his contemporary Johannes Ciconia.

  • Antonio Zacara da Teramo    Gloria I & Credo II    La Fonte Musica
  • Anon.    Rosetta    La Fonte Musica
  • Antonio Zacara da Teramo    D'amor Languire    La Fonte Musica
  • Antonio Zacara da Teramo    Credo 'Deus Deorum'    La Fonte Musica
  • Johannes Ciconia    O Padua sidus preclarum    Diabolus in Musica
  • Johannes Ciconia    Gloria #9    Diabolus in Musica
  • Johannes Ciconia    La Fiamma    La Morra
  • Johannes Ciconia    Ligiadra donna    La Morra
  • Johannes Ciconia    Merce o Morte    La Morra
  • Anon.    Constantia    La Fonte Musica
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