This week's show presents music from the courts of Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, and James I. The Choir of Magdalen College, Oxford teams up with Fretwork to perform consort anthems by Orlando Gibbons, and we'll also hear Paul O'Dette playing lute music from the Tudor Period by composers John Johnson, Alfonso Ferrabosco, and King Henry VIII himself.

  • William Cornysh    Ah Robyn, Gentle Robyn    Oxford Camerata
  • Henry VIII    Pastyme with Good Companie    Paul O'Dette, lute
  • Philip van Wilder    Philip's Dump    Paul O'Dette, lute
  • John Dowland    His Golden Locks    Grace Davidson, soprano
  • William Byrd    The Earle of Salisbury Pavan & Galliards    Catalina Vicens, harpsichord
  • Thomas Tallis    If ye love me    Gesualdo Six
  • Thomas Tallis    Loquebantur variis linguis    The Marian Consort
  • Alfonso Ferrabosco    Fantasia    Paul O'Dette, lute
  • John Johnson    Quadro Paven & Carmans Whistle    Paul O'Dette, lute
  • Thomas Tallis    Spem in Alium    Huelgas Ensemble
  • Orlando Gibbons    This is the Record of john    Fretwork & The Choir of Magdalen College
  • Orlando Gibbons    Voluntary    Jonathan Hardy, organ
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