We're enjoying the grandeur and elegance of French Baroque music on this week's show, including one of the grands motets by Jean-Joseph de Mondonville, and chamber music by Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre. Our performers include Tafelmusik and Musica Fiorita. 

  • Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre    Sonata I in B flat Major    Musica Fiorita
  • Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre    Suite in G major    Francesca Lanfranco, harpsichord
  • Jean-Joseph de Mondonville    Overture (Sonate No. 1)    Musicians of the Louvre
  • Jean-Joseph de Mondonville    Grand Motet Dominus Regnavit    Tafelmusik Orchestra & Chamber Choir
  • Marin Marais    Chaconne from Alcyone    Tafelmusik 
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