Music from Italy is on deck this week, including works by Jewish composer Salomone Rossi, who was known as 'il Mantovano Hebreo', performed by Profeti della Quinta. We'll also hear a recent release from Concerto Palatino called Ex Tenebris ad Lucem, with music from Venice during a time of plague. 

  • Salomone Rossi    Sinfonia & Sonata on Aria di Ruggiero    Ensemble La Dafne
  • Salomone Rossi    Shir hama'a lot    Profeti della Quinta
  • Salomone Rossi    Rimanti in pace    Profeti della Quinta
  • Salomone Rossi    Pargoletta che non sai    Profeti della Quinta
  • Salomone Rossi    Psalm 146 Haleluyah    Profeti della Quinta
  • Salomone Rossi    Sonata La Scatola    Ensemble La Dafne
  • Andrea Gabrieli    Psalm 31 Beati quorum remissae    Concerto Palatino
  • Andrea Gabrieli    Eructavit cor meum    Concerto Palatino
  • Andrea Gabrieli    Psalm 6 Domine ne in furore tuo    Concerto Palatino
  • Giovanni Gabrieli    Jubilate Deo a 8    Concerto Palatino
  • Giovanni Grillo    Exaltabo te Domine a 8    Concerto Palatino
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