Christmas, St. Stephen's Day, and the waning of the old year- we're celebrating them all on this week's show! We'll hear more tracks from Cappella Romana's recent release A Byzantine Emperor at King Henry's Court (Christmas 1400, London) along with chant and polyphony for St. Stephen's Day sung by the Orlando Consort. We'll also ring out the old year with music by Samuel Scheidt and Johann Schop. 

  • Anon.    Etenim sederunt principes    Orlando Consort
  • Anon.    Kyrie & Gloria    Cappella Romana
  • Anon.    Novus annus dies magnus    Discantus
  • Guillaume Dufay    Bon jour, bon mois    Pomerium
  • Guillaume Dufay    Ce jour l'an    Alta Bellezza
  • Anon.    A Scots Lilt    Andrew Lawrence King, harp
  • Anon.    Flight into Egypt    Jacqueline Horner & Andrew Lawrence King
  • Samuel Scheidt    Das alte Jahr vergangen ist    Vox Luminis
  • Johan Schop    Das alt ist abgegangen    Mark Chambers, countertenor
  • J.S. Bach    Jesu nun sei gepreiset (chorus)    Tölzer Boys Choir, Gustav Leonhardt
  • Anon.    To Drive the Cold Winter Away    The Dufay Collective
  • Anon.    The Old Year Now Away is Fled    Texas Early Music Project
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