A variety of music from the medieval era is on the menu this week, including selections from Ludus Danielis (The Play of Daniel), a liturgical drama from the early 13th century, which may have been performed at Beauvais Cathedral as part of the Christmas and New Year festivities. We'll hear a performance by the Dufay Collective.

  • Philippe de Vitry    In virtute nominum    Concordian Dawn
  • Guillaume de Machaut    Joie, plaisance, et douce nourriture    Concordian Dawn
  • Anon.    In virgulto gracie    Alla Franceca
  • Anon.    Tanto son da groriosa    Alla Franceca
  • Anon.    A Madre de Jhesu-Cristo    Alla Franceca
  • Anon.    Polorum regina    Alla Franceca
  • Anon.    Orientis Partibus    New York's Ensemble for Early Music
  • Anon.    Alleluia    New York's Ensemble for Early Music
  • Anon.    The Play of Daniel (selections)    The Dufay Collective
  • Anon.    Casta catolica    Alla Franceca
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