We're checking out some more new recordings that have come over the transom in recent months, including music for solo violin by Matteis and Vilsmayr played by Isabelle Faust on an original Stainer violin from 1658. We'll also hear selections from Cinquecento's latest CD featuring music by Ludwig Daser (1526-1589). 

  • Bernardo Pasquini    Variazioni capricciose    Peter Waldner, organ
  • Johann Joseph Vilsmayr    Partita V in G minor    Isabelle Faust, violin
  • Nicola Matteis, Jr.    Fantasia in A minor    Isabelle Faust, violin
  • Johann Speth    Partite diverse La Spagnoletta    Peter Waldner, organ
  • Ludwig Daser    Dilexi, quoniam    Cinquecento
  • Ludwig Daser    Salvum me fac    Cinquecento
  • Ludwig Daser    Missa Pater Noster (selections)    Cinquecento
  • J.C.F. Fischer    Chaconne in F major    Peter Waldner, organ
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