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Freiberg Cathedral, great organ by Gottfried Silbermann
Photo by Sara Schneider

The town of Freiberg, Saxony was once home to legendary Baroque organ builder Gottfried Silbermann. We'll hear several of his instruments on this week's show, along with an interview with Albrecht Koch, organist of St. Mary's Cathedral in Freiberg. We'll also hear music by composers who lived and worked in Freiberg, like Andreas Hammerschmidt and Christoph Demantius. 

  • Christoph Demantius    Lauda Jerusalem    Huelgas Ensemble
  • Christoph Demantius    Lass mich o Christ    Huelgas Ensemble
  • Andreas Hammerschmidt    Dances from 'Erster Fleiss'    Hesperion XX
  • Andreas Hammerschmidt    Die mit Tränen säen    Vox Luminis
  • Andreas Hammerschmidt    Siehe, wie fein und lieblich    Vox Luminis
  • J.S. Bach    Concerto in A minor, BWV 593 (after Vivaldi)    Albrecht Koch, organ
  • Johann Heinrich Buttstedt    Partita on 'O Gott, du frommer Gott'    Clemens Lucke, organ
  • J.S. Bach    Aria da Capo from the Goldberg Variations    Peter Waldner, harpsichord
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