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Portrait of a Venetian Woman, Albrecht Dürer
[Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Ensemble Unicorn and Ensemble Daedalus treat us to 15th century songs from Venice, Naples, and beyond. 

  • From Trient Codex, performed by Raimund Schächer at the organ of Oosthuizen: Praeambulum in re. 
  • From 'Il Cantar Moderno- Venetian and Neapolitan Songs of the 15th Century', featuring Ensemble Daedalus: Ben so che la mia mente, O Rosa Bella. 
  • Conrad Paumann: Reduntes and an untitled piece, performed by Raimund Schächer at the organ of Oosthuizen. From Codex Faenza, performed by Ensemble Unicorn: Biance Flour, Untitled, Non ara mai pieta questa mia dona (Landini), Hont paur (Machaut). 
  • From 'Il Cantar Moderno': Fate d'arera E non t'acostar in za, Morte, merce, gentile aquil'altera. From Codex Faenza: La ior, Bel fiore danca. 
  • Conrad Paumann: Ich beger nit mer, Bekenne mein klag. Performed by Raimund Schächer. From 'Il Cantar Moderno': O tempo bono, Amor tu nin me gabasti. Performed by Ensemble Daedalus.


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