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Frauenkirche Dresden, Dec. 2015
Photo by Sara Schneider 

Musical treasures from the court of Dresden await you on the show this week, including works by Hans Leo Hassler, Heinrich Schütz and Michael Praetorius. 

  • Hans Leo Hassler: Intrada I, Ad Dominum cum tribularer, Laudem dicite Deo nostro, Canzona. Performed by Currende. EtCetera KTC 1409.
  • Michael Praetorius: Courantes from 'Dances from Terpsichore'. Performed by the New London Consort. L'Oiseau-Lyre 414633. Siehe, wie fein und lieblich ist from "Hymns of Peace and Praise". Performed by Musica Fiata and La Capella Ducale. CBS/Sony 62929.
  • Heinrich Schütz: Canticum B. Simeonis from "Musikalische Exequien". Performed by Weser Renaissance Bremen. CPO 777410.  Freuet euch, des Herren from Symphoniae Sacrae II. Performed by Musica Fiata and La Capella Ducale. CBS/Sony 68261.
  • Adam Krieger: Der Rheinsche Wein. Performed by Andreas Scholl, countertenor. From "Deutsche Barocklieder". David Pohle: Sonata a 6, Nr. 24. Performed by L'Arpa Festante. Carus 83.413. Matthias Weckmann: Toccata and Canzon. Performed by Wolfgang Zerer at the Schnitger organ of the Jakobikirche, Hamburg. Naxos 553849.
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